In addition to the legal and tax-based services for private clients, I had offer and offer consultancy in particular to companies within the area of trade and commerce, as well as for banks, assurances and funds provider.

In my daily exercise I was and are responsible by supervisor or client for topics in the areas of M&A, due diligence, international taxation and transfer price guideline at the international level.

The result is always a variety of issues from the individual country sites and jurisdictions.

Based on this behaviour and the feedback of my work, the idea came up, to develop an ideal solution for the legal and tax law domains, not only on national but also on international level. In many cases, the problem exists exactly in the aspect, to analyze the legal norms of the individual countries and to interpret them as well.

TaxTool.com has been specialized in the production of an user-friendly and understandable software regarding the application areas of the national and international legislation and tax law, without leaving important aspects disregarded. The programs, which have been produced and displayed on this page, have been developed in collaboration with legal and tax experts. All of the products, which are offered, can be used for free based on the acceptance of the terms of use.

For questions, please don’t hesitate and contact me.